Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art Fallout 2011 - Local contemporary art event in Fort Lauderdale

I attended for the first time the Art Fallout event in Fort Lauderdale last weekend.  It was a great way to spend the Saturday afternoon with friends and see first hand the work of local artists.  The event was held at multiple galleries around town serviced by a chartered bus and it was free to the public. 

The first gallery we visited was the Girl's Club which featured the work of aspiring local artists.  The work was mainly contemporary art featuring photographs and paintings on paper.  People were encouraged to leave their comments to the artists on sticky notes next to their work and it was a fun way to engage people.  I was surprised to see many children enjoying these experience and I think its a great way to introduce them to art at a young age.

Next we visited the Sailboat Bend Artists Loft gallery.  If you never heard of it, the name is pretty much self explanatory - an artist-run collective space of gallery exhibition in a live/work loft style facility.  There were many sculptures and contemporary work by well known local artists.  I particularly enjoyed the work of Jeremiah Jenner, who showcased his paintings and photographs at his loft.  His minimalist style was sleek yet contemporary with many great pieces at affordable prices.

The other galleries included the Museum of Art, FAT Village Artists District, Full Circle Gallery and Legacy Art Studio.  The event was in tandem with National Arts and Humanities month and it was a great way to welcome people in the world of arts and culture.

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