Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easy weekend meals: from Spain and Lebanon to the world!!!!

I love to cook elaborate meals, but I love even more these simple dishes that can be made in no time and are so delicious. 

I made Tabbouleh salad for Saturday lunch.  I love Lebanese food, it brings so many memories from Brazil, since we used to have it at least once a week at home.  I know for you my Brazilian friends it might be easier to just have it delivered, but making it from scratch is so easy and yummy!!!

At dinner, I made the famous "Tortilla Espanola".  I learned it from my brother in law, who prepares it for us every time we are in Spain.  Paired with a crunchy baguette and some Tempranillo, it is one of my favorite tapas meal.

If you want the recipes or have your own to share let me know.  I'd love to hear form you. 

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