Saturday, June 11, 2011

Romero Britto designs parking meters for the Miami Homeless

More popular in Miami than the Havaianas brand is another Brazilian icon, Romero Britto. 

The artist known for its bold colors and bright cheerful patterns has its art showcased not only at his gallery on Lincoln Road but at most landmarks accross Miami such as the Dolphin Stadium, American Airlines arena, Childrens Musem and many others.

Romero Britto - Brazilian artist

One of his latest project is a collaboration with the Homeless fund and features parking meters  in bright yellow with colorful patterns.  Tourists be aware, the money collected is not actually to pay for parking but rather to be used in a fund for the Homeless cause in Miami.

Be generous and enjoy the new addition of Britto's design to South  Beach.


  1. Thanks Suzie, I'm really enjoying your posts, wonder how many of those are in South beach, we used to feed the homeless by lincon road, at least 25 men and women leaving among the pricey stores and restaurants, the other face of this famous tourist attraction.

  2. Thank you. The way the program works is that businesses have to sponsor the cause and pay $1,000 upfront investment to have the meters installed, so you will slowly see them pop up accross town. I applaude your work in helping to feed the homeless and hopefully this initiative will benefit them as well by giving the money to real homeless not panhandlers.