Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer hats: a must have fashion accessory

Summer is around the corner and while we are all caught up shopping for bikinis, sundresses and havaianas, girlfriends beware: nothing makes a bigger fashion statement than a nice hat.

However, not many people are comfortable wearing a hat.  The most common excuses are "I don't look good on a hat" or "I can't find one that fits me".  That maybe true, but it's time to put the excuses to the test.

First I went to South Beach to see what regular people are actually wearing out and about the town.  And let me tell you, they look good!!!

South Beach style alert: HATS
After being inspired by the fabulous hats in South Beach, I continued on my research.  I already know that a great hat can make you look good, so how do I find the one that fits my style and personality? Wait no more fashionistas, take your pick from the list below with some of the latest hat styles out there and get ready to shop.

1.  Floppy or Sunhats

2.  Fedora

3.  Cowboy

4.  Panama - a straw hat with a black ribbon

5. Bonnet

I love the Fedora hat for a fashion statement, but I definitely prefer the floppy style on the beach.  And you, what is your hat style for this summer?

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  1. Marina RodriguesJune 27, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    Loved my cousin as a Panama hat model! And loved the post, you write very well Chuca.
    I agree with you and also prefer the floppy style for the summer. Unfortunately, here is very cold right now and I`m far far away from the beach...